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Sublimation Basics

HI Everyone!

Hope you all have started your day off with an awesome cup of coffee or whatever it is that gets you moving and motivated.

Yesterday we posted a short video on Sublimation.  Today I want share just a few basics with you concerning this wonderful craft.

Sublimation is basically fusing ink to a substrate.  A substrate is the item that you are fusing your ink to - there are thousands of these wonderful items.

Not everything or anything can be sublimated.  The substrate has a special Poly Coating on which the ink adheres to.  Notice the word Poly?  The higher the Poly coating or Polyester Blend the brighter your transfer or image will be on your substrate.

When it comes to clothing or any cloth item you want to read the label. For instance a shirt that is 50/50 blend (50% Polyester and 50% cotton) can be sublimated - though your colors will appear to be more "Vintage" than bright. 

Also with sublimation the color of your substrate is extremely important as well.  Imagine colored construction paper and Markers, if you use a yellow marker on blue paper the markings will be faint and the color will become more green.  The same theory applies here.  Sublimation is at its best on white or extremely light colored objects. 

Be sure to check out our sublimation section in the store and get those creative minds working.   We will be adding more sublimation products to the store and sharing more of our creations with you. Stay tuned. :-)



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