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Gray AB - Glass Non-Hotfix
Twelve Bees Custom Designs, LLC

Gray AB - Glass Non-Hotfix

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Glass Rhinestones Attention Grabbing Shades of Purples and Blue with an occasional glimpse of Goldish Yellow.  Silver backing.  Ideal for tumblers, jewelry or embellishing accessories.

Currently Available in

  • 1440ct SS08 (2mm)
    1440ct SS10 (2.8mm)
    1440ct SS12 (3mm)
    1440ct SS16 (4mm)
    1440ct SS20 (5mm) 

  • Recommend application adhesive - Gem Tac or Liquid Fusion

To Calculate the number of Rhinestones needed for your project:
Example: For a straight line of rhinestones:
Step A. Multiply the number of inches by 25.4
Step B. Then divide by the millimeter size of the rhinestone. So for:
                3.1 for 12ss (3.1 is the mm size for 12ss rhinestones)
                3.9 for 16ss (3.9 is the mm size for 16ss rhinestones)
                4.76 for 20ss (4.76 is the mm size for 20ss rhinestones)