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About Us

When we decided to create a Facebook page for all the fun we were having with our vinyl and woodwork we knew we needed a fun and catchy name. We wanted to incorporate something around our family, so Bees came into play (referencing our last name).  In September 2016 when this decision was made there were 12 of us, which includes our children and grandchildren, and Twelve Bees Custom Designs was created.  When designer stainless steel drink ware became popular we made a few items for ourselves and it wasn't long before family and friends wanted one too.  Word of mouth and a little help from our Facebook page, we have grown our hobby into a small business.

Over time the need to supply ourselves with stainless steel drink ware increased, so did the delivery time in which were receiving our orders.  In our effort to keep our own business supplied, we learned other designers were also struggling with receiving their inventory in a timely fashion.  That's when we decided to try our hand at becoming a supplier, with the determination of shipping in a timely fashion. Being designers ourselves, not only do we attempt to keep our prices competitive within our market, but we want our customers receive their order in a few days not a weeks.

Since our inception, there has been another B added to our family line. We hope to see our small business grow just as our family has. 

We appreciate all of the support everyone has offered through our little adventure.

If you haven't joined our Facebook group, we invite you to do so.  You can find us here:

.Thank YOU!!